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Technical support


Go to and click [Click here to sign in].
When you first sign up for a (free) online workshop, course or training, you will receive an e-mail containing your login details: your username and password. Keep these safe as you will need them to log in to the academy and to complete future purchases and enrollments.

Lost your password?

Go to, click [Login] and subsequently click [Lost your password?] Enter the email address you used during the registration process. You will receive an e-mail containing a link. Please use this link to create a new password.

Login failed?

If you’re having trouble logging in, you may just need to clear your cache and cookies from your internet browser. If you need help doing this, go to your browser’s support page, or do a web search (how do I clear cache and cookies in your internet browser name and version). Clearing the cache usually solves the problem. Alternatively, you can try logging in using a different browser.

No login details?

If you have not received an email with login details immediately after the confirmation of your order or after requesting the free online workshop, please check the spam folder of your mailbox first. If you haven’t received anything within 2 hours, please contact To prevent your email with login information from being sent to your spam folder, please add our email address to your address book.

Redirect after login

Once logged in, you will automatically be redirected to an overview page where all free online workshops, online courses, and course and program information are listed. To go to the workshop, course or program of your choice, please click the accompanying image.


Once you’ve clicked the image, we will welcome you and explain to you how to get around the academy. From here you can also access any videos, and/or other practical information.

Oops! Wrong Membership Level

This error message is displayed when you do not have the correct privileges to access the content you are trying to view. You have probably not purchased the training or (online) course or have not registered for the free online workshop. Please visit our website ( to register or make a purchase.

Log out

We recommend that you always log out after each session, so as to avoid future login issues. Log out by clicking [Logout] in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

Important tip

If you are experiencing technical issues, please try using a different device. For example, are you trying to log in using your smartphone and encountering problems? Try logging in using a tablet or laptop instead.

Still not able to login? Try to clear the cache & cookies on your device.



Laptop, tablet or smartphone
Check if the device you are using is up-to-date and make sure all latest updates of apps and programs have been properly installed.

Internet connection
To be able to log in to the Academy, you need to have access to the internet or WiFi.



Should you continue to experience technical difficulties, please contact us at